Communicate for Success

Communicate for Success


Thrive products are all based on science. We are working to cover the full spectrum of aquarium requirements in freshwater, seawater, reefs, and ponds. Our simple program of tell us where you want to be and we give you a road map to get there. 


Thrive Aquatics strives to push the aquarium industry forward with groundbreaking products and concepts alike. Please take a moment to look at some of our highly unique products like the Frag Tree 360 and don't forget to keep a look-out for our game-changing Water Lab!


Here at Thrive, we believe that brick-and-mortar retail stores are the backbone of the aquarium industry. We dedicate our efforts to supporting these fine retailers.

Thrive Aquatics - Your Step By Step Guide


NO A/B SOLUTIONS We believe that A/B solutions can be harmful to your aquarium. Here at Thrive, we’ve found that most A/B solutions can add too much of certain chemicals to your tank.


SIMPLE PRODUCT NAMES Thrive supplements are named to match your test kits which helps to eliminate confusion.


HIGH CONCENTRATIONS Thrive’s supplements are some of the highest concentrations produced for your aquarium. We provide up to 5 times the concentrations of leading brands. Just another way Thrive is Eco-friendly


ECO-FRIENDLY After you buy this bottle you can help save the environment by buying refills. Our refills use up to 85% less plastic than typical bottles.


SUPPORT We make accurate dosing easy with our online tool, Thrive Analytics. This free tool monitors and prescribes custom dosing information and recommendations based on your current tank parameters to help you fulfill your reef-keeping goals.


WE SUPPORT LOCAL STORES Our company and website are designed to highlight and support quality local fish stores.

Saltwater Products

We offer a wide range of saltwater aquarium supplements and unique reef gardening supplies. Click here to learn more about our game-changing products.

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Freshwater Products

Learn about all our products for keeping your freshwater tanks looking their best!

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Pond Products

Our pond mangement system is designed to give you that easy to care for pond.

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  • Highlighted Stores

    We believe that retail stores are the life blood of this industry. That why we take time to Highlight a few Great Stores.

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  • Greenwich Aquaria

    Thrive Aquatics Dealer located in Greenwich, CT

  • Polly's Pets

    Thrive Aquatics Dealer located in Universal City & New Braunfels, TX

  • Allpets Emporium grande opening in Coral Springs, FL.

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Thrive Aquatics is the most innovative supplement manufacturer on the market. Here at Thrive, we not only seek to create the best chemical supplements, but also to help you dose your tank in a more user-friendly manner.



Fancy Fish

"I really LOVE the website! It looks very easy to use and Awesome! and I can't wait for the Water Lab! I think it will be revolutionary!"

Mountains To Sea Aquariums

Our customers love the line. They are seeing results in less than 48 hours!

Greenwich Aquaria

the product moves very well in our store. We are very happy we switched.

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